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About Our Club

Stotfold and District Gun Club is a non-profit making clay pigeon shooting club. We partake in this Olympic sport in a small but friendly atmosphere in the middle of the North Hertfordshire countryside well away from built up areas. The club is there for the benefit of its members. It is owned by the membership and no single individual or commercial body.

Clay pigeon shooting is a very popular sport, being only second in popularity in the UK to fishing. Due to its popularity, our club has many people who come along to see what the sport is all about and have a try. If you are interested and would like to have a go, we are well equipped to give you that opportunity!

When we meet
The club meets every two weeks on a Sunday morning between Stotfold and Letchworth. We meet for booking in from around 9.30am onwards and the entries close at 9.50am. We are permitted by licence from Letchworth Garden City Foundation (whose ground we use) to shoot. For this reason we are only a small club with our current membership around 45 persons. For details on the location of the shooting ground, please refer to the contact section.

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Stotfold and District Gun Club was originally formed as the Meterflow Gun Club in 1978. Meterflow being a local (Baldock) company with, at that time, a vibrant sports and social club. The gun section was an off-shoot of that club. After a few years, Meterflow was in decline and the membership of the clay shooting section was very small. At that time it was decided to allow the club to sever its links to the company sports and social club and it became a seperate entity: Stotfold and District Gun Club.

S&DGC is a club that has annual checks by the Herts Police to ensure we meet its standards for safety and to allows us to encourage the novice shooter (ie: without a shotgun certificate). This ensures we are safe in our practises, have satisfactory tutors to provide a sound grounding in the handling of shotguns and the ammunition, and to ensure safe and courteous activities at all times. These checks, if satisfactory, lead to the Police to grant the club a Section 11(6) (1968 Firearms Act) exemption certificate: "A person may, without holding a shotgun certificate, use a shotgun at a time and place approved for shooting at artificial targets by the chief officer of police for the area in which that place is situated." Thus allowing the club to provide tuition and facilities to a non-shotgun certificate holder. Therefore any person can come along and, under the strict guidance of one of our instructors, be shown how to use a shotgun safely. You are most welcome...

What sort of shooting happens at S&DGC?
The discipline we shoot at S&DGC is predominantly English Sporting. It can have an almost infinite variety of 'stands' . ENGLISH SPORTING is the most popular form of clay shooting in the UK, and a course or competition will feature a given number of stands each of which has a predetermined number of targets, all travelling along the same path and speed, either as singles or doubles.Each stand will feature a different type of target i.e. crosser, driven, quartering etc.

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